Towards Her

This happened to my mom when I was about 15 years old.

Up until that time in my life, I'd shared the bed with my mom. It was just us two since I was very little. This particular night, however, I decided to sleep in my room. I figured it was about time to start.

In the middle of the night, my mom woke me up, screaming at the top of her lungs. She sounded really really scared. My first reaction was, "Oh no, she's being hysterical again." (My mom was a very high strung person and often startled me with wacky noises of her exasperations). I hoped that if I shut my eyes again real tight. Maybe I could go back to my peaceful slumber. But no. As usual, I gathered some strength to get out of bed and try to console my hysterical Mother. When I got to her room, she was so relieved to see me. Immediately, she grabbed my arm and pulled me to the bed.

She then started to tell me that she had seen a ghost. She said she was sleeping and then all of a sudden she had started to open her eyes slightly and was startled by what she was beginning to focus on. It was a floating light in the shape of a man which had floating pieces of fabric flowing around it. She said he was beautiful, although she couldnŐt see is face. She said she got really

Scared because it was coming towards her, towards her bed. She didn't know what to do, so she just ran out of bed like a loony and ran up against it, as if trying to disassemble it with her flailing arms. After she told me all this, she said, "I don't know but I think that might have been an angel."

Thanks for reading