The Golden Staircase

In Memory of My Dad, Richard Hoover

First of all I want to thank everyone who came to my Dad's funeral, called, sent flowers, and expressed their condolences. It meant the world to all of us at a very difficult time.

There was a story that I wanted to tell everyone, but I decided that telling that story at the funeral service was not something I was going to be able to do because I was just too emotional at the time and I do not think I could have gotten through it, so here it is now.

One of my favorite things to do when I was little was to go to downtown Galveston with my Dad on Saturdays and go up to his office with him in the United States National Bank Building in downtown Galveston. I loved to go there to be with him but also to see what I called the "golden staircase". It was actually solid brass but the entire first floor including elevator doors, staircase railing and all of the trim was solid gleaming brass, but to a 4 year old it looks like gold. And the stairs are solid marble.

He would hold my hand going up the stairs because it was steep and the marble could be slippery. I would just stare in amazement at all the gleaming golden wonder around me. I remember the last time we went, I even remember what I was wearing, a blue velvet dress with white lace socks and black patent leather shoes. Was I so proud to be walking up that fine staircase in my Sunday best with my Dad holding my hand!!! He would do some office work and I would draw and wait til he was ready to go and sometimes he took me to the sandwich shop next door to eat before we came home.

There was one thing however about the staircase that I did not remember for some reason. Several weeks after Daddy died, my daughter Bonnie and I went to Galveston. I had told her about that building and that staircase that I had not seen for some 40 years. I just wanted to see that staircase again. The building is now a historic landmark and I am so glad they did not change anything. We walked into the building and there it was, all the gleaming gold! Just like I remembered only everything was a little bit smaller than I remembered.

Then as I approached the staircase and started walking up I saw something that took my breath away. Up the entire staircase on both sides are angels!!! For every step there is an angel! A golden angel built into the railing.

I will never understand why the angels slipped my memory. But I am kind of glad they did because now they meant so much more to me! It was almost like the stairway to Heaven!

So I would like to think that when it is my time to go, I will just go up that staircase past all those angels and my Dad will be waiting for me. What a glorious day that will be!

May the joy of the Angels be with you and yours always!