When Push Comes To Shove

My name is Sandy and I live now in Texas, previously I was living in Minnesota. My story is one that has become a family traditional one - especially aroung the Christmas Holidays.

In the year of 2003, mid year, I remember waking up early and cleaning house, like always. My children went to school and my husband left for work. As soon as the last one was out of the door, my mind was already ahead of me , thinking what was I going to prepare for dinner.... I headed to the refrigerator and pulled out a piece of roast meat to set to boil later on the day , to make a mexican meal.

So, as the hours grew near to dinner, I went ahead and decided to get the beef boilling.. I set it on low, with a lage amount of water. It was sufficient I thought..to last for about 2 hours.

I continued by doing house chores, at some point I felt really tired , so tired...A kind that required me to rest for awhile.... So I went ahead and layed on my couch after having checked the beef to see if water wise, it was ok, and it was! still full.

As I got myself comfertable I said to myself "I'm not falling asleep" becuase I was aware I had something on the stove.

Somehow , I dozed off..... after awhile, in my sleep I kept hearing a woman calling my name,,"Sandra, (in a soft voice) then again Sandra, I thought to myself ,,,no I dont want to get up....then suddenly someone pushed my arm not with the intent to hurt, but just enough to wake me up, as my arm was pushed , my name was called with a stronger voice, with more authority, so naturally I immediatly woke up.

But oh my lord,,,,,I had to wipe my eyes several times becuase all I could see was a room full of clouds of smoke..as I was looking I became instantly in shock , as if I was fully awake now,,, when I realized that it was actual smoke, it was then when my throat swallowed a terrible , just terrible dull taste.... I stood up trying to see beyond the entrance door to the kitchen but it was impossible the smoke was too thick , and I was starting to choke,,, I ran across the room and headed out the door... Gathered large amounts of oxygen and headed back in the house, made it to the kitchen, just enough time to turn off the stove, then run out of the house again as soon as I could, my oxygen was really low at that point.

I went behind the house to open the exiting door, smoke just exitit as if it were rush hour. Finally it became possible to walk in the house, and for curriousity sake I went to check the meat, it was unbelieveable how a large sunk in pan good of drained all the water in a matter of 1 hour.( I had done this many times before, with the exception of falling asleep.) and never had this happened especially on super low electric stove...But anyways, if it hadnt been for my best friend and gardian angel, I don't think I would be here now to tell of how she rescued me. And this is only one of three encounters with my gardian angel where she makes herself present to me. Praise you Jesus for such a wanderful gift.