Life As We Know It

In 1982 I was in a physically and emotionally abusive marriage in a small city in the South. My husband and I argued horribly one night and I retreated to my bedroom where I cried and prayed that God would please show me a way out of my hellish existence. Exhausted from stress and crying, I lay on my bed feeling myself slipping in to sleep when the darkened room began to fill with light. I sat up and before me were what appeared to be figures of light whose voices spoke in unison and sounded as if they were being amplified behind a giant waterfall.

I listened as they told me " Before the end of your childbearing years, life as you know it will be totally changed." Their words were in English but were spoken in a strongly guttural and foreign sounding accent. They told me things that I immediately blocked or forgot except a few fragments like .."... a darkness against God" and one particular name,"Ariel" pronounced with rolling r's.

After a undetermined amount of time I became conscious of only a dim light by which I could see my cat beside me on the bed in full alert staring ahead where the beings of light had only just been. Thinking it must only be a dream, I went to sleep but remembered the strange dream through the years. In 1986, I gave birth to my son 15 years after the birth of my daughter in 1971. I divorced my first husband in 1988 and in 1991 I remarried a wonderfully kind and gentle man. In 2001 I turned 50 and our world as we knew changed forever when planes were flown in to the twin towers and the Pentagon.

I don't know what other things I was told by the beings but I feel like there was more. I don't know if the whole experience was a dream or if angels, one by the name of Ariel, had actually visited me that night. I don't know if I was actually foretold of events in the future. I do know that the world as I know it has totally changed in almost all aspects as I knew it all those years ago.

There are many witnesses to what I have said years before 9-11 or before I had my son or happily remarried for I've told just about anybody who had the ears to hear.

Raleigh, N.C.