Paged by God

I have a dear friend Annie. We are about 20 years apart in age but not in heart. We both work together and live together and were invited to a mutual workers bridal shower. We would have to travel about an hour to get there. We had already spent the day together and neither one of us had used our cell phones to place or receive any calls. We had been out shopping to get get the presents and cards. Since we had so far to travel and were heading into unfamiliar territory we had thought to fill up our gas tank here.

While filling the tank I received a call from someone that worked for the man I had briefly dated. I had only talked to this person a few times before. Her voice sounded stressed and she asked if I could drive to Forest Hill and pick her up as her Aunt refused to take her any farther. I quickly found out Forest Hill was about 45 minutes further than where we were going.

I had caller ID on my cell phone and asked if the number she was calling from was her Aunts. She confirmed it was, and I told her I would have to talk to Annie and I would call her back. Annie and I discussed it and being of the same mind, we both would not want to be stranded anywhere and not have anyone to come get us. We called her back and told her we would stop off at the party and tell them what was going on and we would be back as soon as possible. She gave us instructions to exit at a certain point and stop at the gas station. When we exited from the north we could not see the gas station at all. We came to a stop light and I stated to Annie that I felt the finger of God on this one.

We decided at this point to call her and they were heading the opposite direction sitting at the same red light! So I told them to pull over into the mall and I would turn around. We picked Fallon up and on the way back to the party she confessed she was returning to Hagerstown but her family had told her not to bother. We told her to relax and we would have a good time at the party and we will deal with that later.

After the party which she enjoyed herself tremendously. As we were driving home it was dark and I asked Fallon one question. Why, out of all the people she knows in Hagerstown, why did she happen to call me, someone she hardly knows? I noticed as I looked in the rear view mirror she looked at me funny and said, "You paged me!" Annie and I looked at each other in disbelief and we both confessed we had been together all day and not once used the cell phone until she called and she proceeded to pull her pager out of her backpack and showed me my number, the correct date, and the time.

Which was shortly before we received her call. The only other thing I can say is that I didn't even know her pager number. I told her she had better be thanking God right now because he intervened completely!