God's Calling

I was in the Army in Germany in 1985 - 1992 and was getting a divorce from wife who was my first love first girlfriend. I was around 20 something years old at the time and this devastated me.

I prayed everyday went to church everyday to pray but I could not accept this ..was hard. I give it to the Lord but turn around and take it in my hands again mess it all up again.

When I got up one day I asked for a sign he was going to help me get my wife. So he did; I was walking to work and past the church at 3:00 am and the phone was ringing. I asked, "who would be calling a church at 3:00 am in the morning?" I could not belive this was weird so I asked for him to show again but in my dreams I could not understand the phone call.

I had a dream of the back of the dollar bill. Everything on the back I saw clearly but could not understand and asked some co-workers about it. They said, "Oh My God your rich you need to play the Lottery now!" I said no that's not it so I took a Dollar out of my pocket and saw what he was trying to say. Four big words "In God We Trust".

I had dreams of Jesus helping Peter at the waters about Faith. I even asked for the mightiest star to make a wish and have seen the clouds in the skies split apart in the rain to show the moon from God with a white dove flying in the rainy night sky.

I said to God if he gives me my wife back I would Give my Life to him give up drinking, smoking, and go to church. If I did not he could take my wife away forever.

So God gave my wife to me for two weeks. But I never kept the promise I made to him but he kept his.

I never got married again but 15 years later I saw my ex-wife on a flight from Washington to St Louis.

God has touched me many times since and keeps calling me but still I'm afraid.

J. in Ohio