Grey Horse

Yes I have had many experience of angels and messangers. I will tell you of a very important one. My horse which I had for twenty years was always falling over and I kept having to get all my relatives together to pick her up. Old age was the cause of the problem and Lady's knees were very stiff. I vowed to myself that I would not let her suffer a painful old age and that I would listen to her when she signalled that she was ready to depart.

After that vow it was not long. I came back from shopping one day and found her on the floor in the yard. I went over as normal and my brother and I tried to raise her. No good, so we called the cavalry. We tried and she tried but we could not get her up. Suddenly she tried no more and made it plain the time had come, she was tired and this time did not want to get up. The snow began to fall, I had no choice, I promised her weeks before I would listen.

The vet was called, we waited and waited. All the while I wanted to change my mind, I felt so close to backing away from my decision. He had to hurry I did not want any more time to back track. It was beautifull, she drifted away as I held her.

The impact of my descision hit me later, had I done the right thing, what right did I have to end her life. My thoughts ran turmoil. A couple of days later my uncle was due to visit. I was not fit to recieve a visit but I reluctantly went to prepare his room. I was still very distressed and then I recieved my message in a very clear way.

As I cleaned the room I stumbled upon a poetry book that I had purchased from a car boot, I had bought about a year ago and never looked at it. It fell open and I saw the words "grey horse". I read the words and new straight away it was a message from the other side. It told of a grey horse that had grown thin and old and was very weak. The horse in the poem had fallen for the last time and was tired and ready to go to the other side. It was loud and clear, Lady was thin and old and had fallen for the last time. The poem also suggested that it was the grey horses descision. Though still very sad I knew the message was intendeed to help me and it has remained special to me ever since.

Hope you like my story, ive made it as short as I can and every word is true.

Lots of love
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