Shirley's Song

I am a Pastors wife here in Florida. I have been a Christian all my life, but only truly started living for the Lord full time about 25 years ago.

The Lord began to give me songs from His Spirit about 15 years ago and as my nephew grew both in age and spiritually we began to sing together and both of us began to receive songs from the Lord.

One day I heard the Lord tell me, " Shirley, go get Michael and go to the church. Begin singing my name on the chord that I give you and just worship me."

Well of course I did as He said. As Michael and I sang to Jesus the Spirit of the Lord fell. The church filled with His Presence. As we continued to sing we could hear other voices singing with us. We were, however, so into the Presence of the Lord that we just kept praising and loving Him. We had been recording as we always do when we sing for, usually, the Lord gives us a new song that we would not remember if we did not have the recorder going.

After His Spirit lifted and we stopped singing we just sat in awe of His Greatness, then we remembered we had the recorder going. To our JOY as we played it we could hear some of the other voices singing with us. We knew for sure that God had allowed us to not only hear His Angels praising Him but also allowed us to record them. We are eternally grateful to Him for that.

Since that time we have had the angels sing on and off with us. We never know when they will sing or with what song. Some people hear them, some never do, why I don't know. Some hear woman voices, some hear men voices, why I don't know! Do I truly feel it's God's Angels. Oh YES......who else would join in our worship and praise? We do not use mics (microphones) when we sing, we do not sing in an echo room and we only use a small cassette player to record on. If you hear more then two voices in any of our songs you are hearing the Angels.

There are other things that are happening, but I do not feel the Lord has released me to reveal them quite yet. The music that we have is from Him and belongs to Him.

Many Blessings,