Beautiful Angel

My mother Mary L. Canada died of cancer April of 1993 at her home. She was mentally alert until the end. One of my sisters was with her one afternoon, while myself and my other sister were tending to some things in the kitchen.

She came and told us that mother had just looked to her left and said... "Well what a beautiful angel (she then paused and said) ....I'm coming...............I'm coming".

She died during the early hours of the next day She did not say anymore about it and I don't know why I did not go back an question her, but there is no doubt in my mind that she in fact saw an angel. She did not question as to who or what it was. She in fact knew and stated it was an angel.

She was our mother, sister and best friend and we miss her terribly, but there is no doubt in my mind as to where she is right this moment.....she is in Heaven with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.