Shimmering Light

I believe that I witnessed an angel sighting when my daughter was seriously ill in hospital two years ago. I fell asleep in an armchair which was facing her bed ...she was on oxygen at the time and couldn't really breath without it.

I vividly remember being shook violently which woke me, at this point I noticed that my daughter's oxygen mask had fallen away from her face and so she was not receiving the oxygen that she so desperately needed. I replaced the mask and sat back down I then saw a large white shape enveloping her with it's wings and a shimmering light shone around her. From this point she started to improve, then three weeks ago I came home from work late, it must have been about two thirty in the morning. I went to check on my daughter before I went to bed myself I still can't believe what I saw when I walked into the room. Over her head was a shimmering light and the angel that I saw in her hospital room.

I now know that she has a guardian angel who cares for her and who helps her in every obstacle that she has to face. Her health has improved dramatically. So much so that it has left the doctors amazed.