Little Angels That Were Caring For Me

As a very young child, I was sexually abused by the husband and wife that my parents took my sister and I to to be babysat. When it was naptime, I felt so scared and alone. They wouldn't let anyone in the room with me. The room was very dark. I remember many times hiding under the bed on the cold hardwood floor, scared to death for the man to come in. There are many terrible, horrible memories of that time, but now I can look back and be thankful. All along, angels were watching over me. I remember them talking and being with me. It was if even though I wasn't protected, I was. My angels helped me to escape those wretched times and protect me. Yes, I was abused, but probably wouldn't be here today, if it hadn't been for them. They loved me and were always there. I remember going with them. For my gaurdian angels, I am truelly thankful.