The Gloves

This was a long time ago, in NYC. I am a pianist and composer most all of my life. It has always been my god home so to speak.

Anyway I was at work and a snowstorm rolled in. I had to leave work early...the subways were closed due to the severity,..I wasn't prepared, I hadn't listened to the radio before I left my home, etc...when I left work early, the streets were empty with snowdrifts and it was very quiet. There were no taxis and I was all the way downtown needing to go uptown...I was just walking in the empty street filled with snow and snowdrifts and it kept falling,....a japanese man came out of the blue. He walked straight up to me and said "here, you need gloves. You have to protect your hands." He took off his gloves and gave them to me..I was speechless and then told him that HE needed them,.he insisted that I take and wear his gloves..I exclaimed, "but what about you? He said he just worked nearby and pointed to the place and said he was a doorman.

Well, a few days later I returned to work, I had the gloves, I went to the hotel....

There was no such man. I was totally flabbergasted. I described him and the two doormen said there was never anyone working there in all their years. I was so startled and went my way wondering if it was a guardian angel or something.