The Arrangements

I had a cousin and his name was Frank. Frank was a middle aged man and he came to me and told me that he was about to die. He told me that I am the only one that can do this out of all his family. At this time I was broke, no job, but for some reason he picked me to arrange his funeral with a casket, flowers and everything else that is needed. So, for some reason I went to this bar to think about it over a couple of drinks.

While I was there some man came up to me and told me that he owned a funeral home. I decided to call him and he told me to come down for an interview, so we can talk more about my budget and where I wanted it and everything.

When I went down to meet him he told me he would do it all for free. I was amazed. As soon as I found out I went to tell Frank and Frank was not happy because he told me that he could have been buried normally but he said that he was in the military and that he only wanted to be buried on the armies land with all the other soldiers.

So then I went to meet the guy that gave me his card again to ask him if he could arrange a funeral on the army's land with all the other soldiers and he said sure.

Two days later we found out Frank died in his sleep.

I was devastated but I told the man that gave me his card and we actually scheduled an appointment with the armies troops to make sure he got buried with the other soldiers. He got buried the way he wanted and everyone was happy.

I tried calling that guy that gave me his card but it said the phone had been disconnected, so I went to where I met him ..and the building was knocked down. One week later I went to Frank's house and his backyard had weeds that were at least 5 feet tall.

His backyard was a whole acre and in the mountains. So, I had Frank's keys and I was going to his house to gather his stuff and while I was there two men came and said they were there to clean up the weeds. So a couple hours later they finished the whole acre of land.

The two men that cleaned the land left and didn't charge any money, they had no names, they were nowhere to be found and nobody had ever heard of them.

Now in this day I don't know how he got buried for free and how his whole acre of weeds were gone in a couple of hours and the who the men were who did it. It is still a mystery.

I think the whole time it was angels helping make his dream come true and that angels were making sure that everything fell in place the right way. S. Flores