Angel at a Hospital

My dad had a very bad stroke that should've killed him when he was 70. After arriving at the Hospital in the Emergency Squad, he told my mother of seeing an Angel. When I was told this, it was the last thing that I would've expected my dad to say, because he didn't believe in church or God. Even though my mom was Catholic and raised 3 children the same way, we never heard my dad ever talk about religion.

He did manage to make a slight recovery from the stroke, only to be struck again horribly with throat cancer a year after the stroke when he quit smoking cigarettes after 56 years.

The tumors in his throat grew at a rapid pace, and in less than 3 months, he passed away. The day that he died he was gasping laboriously, when suddenly, he looked up at the ceiling above me next to the bed. He stared looking if there was someone there, maybe talking to him, as you could see it in his a couple of minutes he was gone.