Angel at the Scene

I was going through an intersection on April 11th 2002. A car ran through the intersection and totalled my car. The car kept going without stopping. It was a hit and run.

Naturally, I was horrified over this, also thinking that I would be faulted for this accident since I had been in "at fault" accidents before. As soon as I stepped out of my car a man was right there with his fire department pickup truck saying he saw the whole thing.

The man ran the license plate through his computer. (Do firemen have this capability?) and told me that it was a stolen license plate. He was telling me not to worry and that it was not my fault and that I would be able to use my UM insurance to file my claim. I did not have colllision coverage, just liability since I was on a very tight budget.

He called the police. When the police arrived, the fireman gave his testimony about what he saw to the first officer on the scene but then he was gone. I later asked the police for the fire fighter's contact information or testimony, but he said he didn't have any record of the fire fighter being a witness.

I think he was an angel watching out for me that night.