I was about 25 years old and had just left my boyfriend. He left me with no money and I wanted to leave town to stay with my mom. Before everyone had cell phones, I used a calling card to call long distance.

I drove to the 7 11 to use the payphone when a homeless woman asked for some money. I told her I didn't have any. Then she asked for a ride across town. I told her I could take her as far as the mall, when I'm done using the phone, because I didn't have enough gas.

I just started crying because my card had just a few minutes and I wasn't getting an answer. She walked to me and hugged me.

So we left to the mall and while we were talking, some how it came up that I hadn't eaten for a couple of days.

When I parked she turned to me and gave me $10. She told me to get something to eat. We opened our doors to get out and when I turned to tell her thanks again she was gone.

I looked all around the parking lot and she just disappeared.