Pulled From Danger

I was riding my bike, with a new friend I'd just met, along Lake Michigan in Chicago, just next to lake shore drive. We were at a point where I would ride inland underneath the drive to go home and he would continue north. Before parting we stopped to sit for a moment in the grass and talk.

The police drove by to say the park areas were closing and we had to go. We said okay and kept talking. A voice in the back of my mind said you should go now.

I remember thinking I'll leave in a minute. Within minutes my new friend was pulled back by a guy behind him. I stood up. As if in a dream I heard the "bad guy" yelling at me at the top of his lungs to get back down there. I remember hearing cars rushing behind me and realizing I had walked backwards about 25 feet to the top of the overpass and was standing in the emergency lane of Lake Shore Drive. It was as if I woke up there. I screamed back at him "no" and began screaming for help.

The "bad guy" released my friend and he and his bad guy friend stole our bikes with us chasing them yelling for help. The bad guys got away.

It was only then I found out they had a knife to my friends throat that whole time. I believe I was pulled up that hill by the same guardian who tried to warn me it was time to go. And perhaps the fact I had seen and could identify the bad guys kept them from harming my friend.