Chris's Story

On October 27, 1998 I woke up to a night that most parents fear. My husband shook me awake telling me that our son was up to no good again. We'd had another episode of inhalants, my son was addicted to inhalants and we had been fighting this battle for some time.

That evening we lost the battle and our son's life was gone. I remember seeing the fear in his face because he could not breathe and watching his father hold him as he died.

Looking through the cracked blind at the hospital hoping he'd breathe but as the doctor turned from the table he came and told us they had done all they could. At that moment I lost part of my life and I didn't think I could make it.

I turned to my Pastor and told him I could not do this.

And as he answered me with "Yes you can" I clearly heard the voice of God tell me "yes I can". At that moment a peace came over me that surpasses understanding and to this day the good Lord has carried me.

My son did not die in vain. God used his death to bring life to others in Gods own way. And because of his death and story many have stopped using drugs. I now speak to schools and for whoever will have me tell his story.

All I have left is a picture but my son is used every time we speak of this tragedy. To all those who have lost a loved one sometimes God allows some to live long lives but in Gods own way he has plans for others.

May God Bless You!