Subway Stop

I was standing on the Subway Stop because someone had told me that in Cambridge Mass. A company was hiring. When the subway was coming in direction towards Brigthon, Mass. totally opposite side, a lady dressed in black came towards me and said, "go to the other side and take that subway to this address and they have a better job for you." I said thank you very much that is nice of you and when I looked back this person disappeared but since there is such haste nothing seemed abnormal. When I got to the place applied for a job and went home with a schedule to start next day. As today I can't figure out who she was and how she knew that I was going to apply for a job in Cambridge and what is most amazing to me is that I didn't speak English! I understood every word that she had spoken to me and all that was said in my new employment, this happened 36 years ago and I get goose bumps just to remember that incident.