My volunteer nurse who had worked with me in a centre for the homeless really did impress me. She never mentioned how helpful she was to the sick. Other friends had been telling me how she invited patients to her home who had undergone surgery and were not well enough to care for themselves. She lived with her husband (a retired music teacher). Eventually she became unwell and it transpired that she was suffering from cancer.

As I was a close friend I was, with her permission given family visiting rights. This meant that as she was terminally ill I could sit with her most times. She never gave up her belief and trust in God and eventually she was semi-comatose.

She had not uttered a word for several days when suddenly her eyes opened and she uttered the word "Mammy". It was obvious to me that an Angel had indeed visited her and brought her mother to greet her as she passed from this life to the next.

She was a registered nurse and I knew that she was not confused.

I wanted to share this awesome experience.

Jessica T.