Josh's Visitor

My daughter Amanda was about to give birth to my 3rd grandson Nicholas, she had gone through a very long painful labor and Nicholas just didn't want to come, finally she began to bear down but Nick got caught by his shoulder on the way out and somehow his umbilical cord tore apart, which caused him to want to breath with his lungs, he couldn't as he was still in the birth canal, he went into cardiac arrest and there was a huge panic to get him out, my daughter was frantic, my son-in-law Josh (who related this to me, as it happened to him) tried to calm Amanda, and prepared for the worse.

At that moment, time stopped for Josh and a vision of a man with long dark hair with a goatee beard wearing a multicolored jacked appeared to him, at his side holding his hand was a little boy, the angel said to Josh don't worry, it will be fine, he's (looking down at the little boy) just a bit reluctant to come, but he'll be there soon. Josh closed his eyes then opened them again but his Angel was still there, he thought he was going crazy.

Josh said to him "Are you God? The Angel laughed at him and said, "no mate". Josh was taken back from the vision as his lifeless little son came into the world; he tried to shield Amanda from the sight.

Nicholas had to be resuscitated, and was without oxygen for more than 6 minutes; his little head was swollen and badly bruised from where he was forced out of the birth canal. My daughter was traumatized. Nicholas recovered; he has no brain damage at all, is a very bright articulate little boy with a very wicked sense of humor and is now seven. My daughter blesses the day he came into the world, (as she does her other children) and Josh who was an atheist at the time, has a firm belief and faith now in God and angels. This truly was a miracle from God.