Two Angels

I was about 11 years old when this happened, January of 2004 I was diagnosed with cancer and the outcome looked very night I was crying in my hospital bed thinking why me? ..and feeling very sorry for everything I ever did wrong in my life.

My mom was tring to comfort me saying everything was going to be alright when I seteled myself down and as I took a deep breath in and out...there as I exhaled was a weight and a warmth at the end of my bed...almost as if someone was sitting on my bed and talking to me...but I heard nothing I saw nothing I just felt this overwhelming presence right on my bed...I also felt a presence in the corner of my room and I knew they were here to help me to make me better.

A couple months later I was talking to my neighbor and she had a conversation with God that she had written down and it said "she has two angels with her as we speak" and my neighbor praised God and thanked him for my healing (and there it was written in her diary!! she hadn't know about my experiance!!)Ęso now I am convinced that my two angels follow me everywhere and I love them with my every step every word every part of my life they are my heart and soul and they saved me that night.