Angel at Pastor's House

One evening my Pastor decided to start up the Jaguar in his garage because he hadn't driven it in quite some time. He was told that they have to be ran for a little while if you don't drive them on a consistent basis. I was over his house doing some work when he started to the car. He walked me out after I was done and went back in the house unaware of the fact that he started the car in his garage. The air unit that is in his garage sucks up everything in its vacinity. For this reason, my Pastor and his family should've died that night while going to bed. But, the next day when he woke up he realized the car had been running all night and, thanks to God's grace, the garage door, for some strange reason, did not close all the way even though he closed it before he went to bed. I know that an angel protected my Pastor and his family that night.