Decatur in 1954

Bruce, my brother younger by 16 months, and I, soon after we were baptized by emersion in Jesus's Name, went to a Youth Rally near Decatur, IL. when we were 7 and 8 years old. We got there with our parents and younger brother Dan just before church time.

As we left the car to walk quickly to the church, an outdoor movie caught my eye and I remember seeing this for the first time. I believe it was Zsa Zsa Gabor on the screen, but who knows for sure as I was a kid. Dad had to pull me along as it was interesting and, as I said, my first time to see a movie.

We had to sit in the balcony, as downstairs was full. A few weeks before, we realized we needed to be saved, so we repented and then had our sins washed away in water baptism the same night. We were close brothers as he was my best friend and worst enemy. While the service was going on and the preacher was preaching, Bruce and I saw a white tall someone up high above the preacher and along the back wall. He was tall and big but had no wings, just a white flowing robe. He had light brown medium cut hair and didn't move. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and looked around to see of others were seeing him too. No one acted like they did. I nudged Bruce and asked him if he could see him. He said he was looking at it too. It went away after awhile but I can't remember how long he was there.

I've often wondered about that angel and can only tie it in with the spiritual experience that both Bruce and I had a short time before in Christ Temple in Decatur in 1954.