Trucks Path

We live in Rockford, Illinois on a street that has a fair amount of traffic. One afternoon I arrived home from work and as usual my wife and children greeted me in the front yard. My brother stopped by and we had two full sized vans parked on the street.

My son was two years old at the time. He took off running down the sidewalk. I saw a pickup coming up the street and as soon as this truck was close to our house my son took a turn and ran between the two parked vans. The driver of the truck had no idea that my son was going to run in front of him because the vans hid him from view. The trajectory was perfect for a son getting hit by a pickup driving 30 MPH.

We all stood in horror as we watched this unfold. The truck passed by where my son was and slammed on his brakes. He had most definately hit my son. When we ran over there the driver had his head in his hands screaming "NO" and my son stood totally stunned and upright a few inches from where the impact should have been. I am sure his guardian angel put his hand out and stopped him from crossing the trucks path.

Praise Jesus !!!