Out Of Control

My son and I were on our way home from town one day and were on a busy road leading out of town. We were about the 10th car in a fairly long line of traffic. All of a sudden a car that had been waiting to get out of a side road pulled out directly in front of us. I slammed on the brakes but then heard a voice say, "You can't stop!" Just like something was guiding me I floored my car, swung into the left lane with my tires absolutely screaming and got around her car. My son said he looked out the window and bets we didn't miss being hit by 2". To this day I remember the feeling of calm, certainty that came over me that we were not going to be hit. No one will ever convince me that we didn't have an angel helping us that day.

One who may have helped my son at a later time? He was driving a small car and was hit by a semi that ran a red light. The police estimate the truck was going 65 m.p.h. My son said when he saw the truck he somehow knew he had better floor his car. The truck hit just behind the passenger door and made the car spin with such force it threw a baseball bat from the trunk 100 feet down the road. After spinning a few times in the road the car went onto the side of the road and people were amazed to find my son not only alive but with minor injuries. So minor in fact that because he was taking an EMT class at college he made them explain everything they did to him on the way to the hospital. I talked to the paramedics and they told me they had no doubt they had a dead body to deal with when they saw the car. They both said we had Better thank his guardian angel...and believe me, we did!