Betting Shop

In 1992 I was working in a fast food, the money wasnÕt great, and on that particular day, I was told to take a day off, as it wasnÕt very busy.

I was in desperate need of cash, and as I was walking in the High street, a voice told me to go in the betting shop. I was not a gambler, when it comes to horses bet; anyhow I did enter the shop, but had no idea how to play.

I turned around, as to ask anybody what to do, no body wanted to help, when I suddenly saw this old man, he was wearing a dirty coat, and had a beard. He did not speak, but he signalled me with his fingers the number 4. I made a bet on a dog, and when the result came up a few minutes later, number 4 dog won the race.

I was astonished, I collect my £ 70.00, and wanted to give some to the man who helped me, but he was no where to be seen.

I truly believe, he was an angel, coming to earth to help me at that particular moment in need, and I love Angels.

Thank you for listening to my story, and hope you will publish it.


Rocco I.