Just Believe

Life is but a wondrous thing,
Where will I be, what will it bring?
These are the things we ask ourselves,
As this world is spinning around.

There are things that we cannot control,
Like growing up and getting old.
The life we have here is short compared,
To the life we are promised when we get there.

Where you ask, that's Heaven you see
It's where all life's sorrows are set free.
Be faithful in believing there is a higher power,
God will be the judge in your final hour.

Treat people the way you like to be treated,
Help a loved one or stranger when needed.
Hold your head high, be strong in faith,
It's hard sometimes but worth the wait.

Eternal love, happiness and peace,
Is what is promised to all of us who believe.
Much different from this life we lead,
As there will be no tears, there is no need.

Robyn Joy Turner July 21st 2006