A Command That Saved Us

It was close to midnight and my friend and I were driving home after having coffee with another friend. We had been to spiritualist church a few hours before and had such a great time that we wanted to talk about our experiences there and soon lost track of time. The drive home was approximately 20 minutes. Within minutes we noticed a car parked in the middle of the road where we made a turn, we made our turn and instantly both my friend and I felt a little uneasy but tried to fob this feeling off and kept driving. This car spun around and began to follow us. Our fears began to increase and we were getting rather nervous as turn after turn this car followed us.

10 minutes into the drive to get home there are 2 ways we can take 1 is through a traffic light and 1 is over a roundabout. Out of nowhere a very strong, stern yet peaceful male voice yelled to me "Do not go to the traffic lights, do not stop this car for anything until you get home to your own driveway".

I immediately blurted out this warning to my friend and we took the alternative way. We were followed but were able to lose this car only a minute or so from my home. We arrived home and thank heavens for electric garage doors because we drove straight in and shut the garage.

Racing straight to the window we noticed that car had driven down our street looking for us but then gave up and left.

That night we said a million thanks to our angels but I wanted to share this story so that people know when you hear that voice Listen and do as it says!