in 2004 we went to visit my grandparents. When we got there we looked at my grandfather and knew something was wrong. He had lost a lot of wait. So much that his pants, which were usually snug, were extremely loose. My mom told him and my grandmother to go visit the doctor and get as much information as they could on why this could be happening all of a sudden.-- Well, just before all this happened, my family and I moved away from the people we had known for a very long time.

Once we made this move we started getting more involved with the church, more so than we ever had been. Before we moved, I was somewhat involved with the church, but I didnŐt lead a Christian lifestyle. Well, my grandfather had been talking to me a lot about Jesus and why the Bible was so important to our lives. (this was all before he had lost all the weight)

Doctors told my grandparents to visit a cancer specialist. When my grandmother finally convinced my grandfather, we found out that he had lung cancer (from smoking a pipe for so many years) and that he also had bone cancer. The odd thing is, is that the spot on his backbone where the cancer had formed was where he had fallen several years before while mowing the lawn. This never bothered him after the fall. Once the doctors found his cancer (in August of 2004), everything went downhill from there.

On October 31 of 2004, after all the little trick-or-treaters came and left our house, we received a call from Grandma saying that Pop had died right then. That is how quickly the cancer took over his body. Yet to this day my family and I are thankful that he did not endure a long suffering period.

However, my sister and I both believe that he was our Angel, and that he stayed with us just long enough to let us know how good the Word of God truly is.