The True Nature of Faith

Robert, I would speak with you about the true nature of faith, for there is a great deal of confusion in your mind concerning the nature of faith and that of mere belief. It would be easiest to say that faith deals ultimately with the knowledge of the soul, whereas belief always deals with concepts of the mind and depends upon factual data to support it. Faith does not depend upon factual data to support it. Faith springs from an inner knowledge of the soul and it pertains to those things unseen. Beliefs, however, always depend upon an acceptance by the mind of specific tangible facts, and beliefs are always subject to change should new facts arrive. Faith does not change even in its essentials and its true nature is one of growth and ever increasing strength.

The soul has an inner ability to perceive and assess those things unseen, and faith springs as a result of this inner ability. Faith grows and develops as a soul develops in its perceptions, and a soul develops in perception as it is nourished by our father's love. What the soul is capable of perceiving and of translating into direct faith is akin to your inner ability to perceive beauty. The perception of beauty gives you an inner joy and peace which, if described in mere words, would never be the same as the actual feeling; and this ability to perceive beauty is something which can be cultivated and developed into a great range of enjoyable experiences.

Beauty is not something which you believe in and it is not subject to any specific facts. Beauty simply exists, and it exists to the degree that you are able to experience it. Faith, by the same token, provides an inner joy and it, too, can be nourished and developed. But in a very great sense faith goes far, far beyond our ability to experience beauty, though you could say that it is the ultimate experience of beauty. Faith is the true power that comes of the soul's perception, and faith is the driving power behind all that moves you in the direction of atonement with our father. Our father sends his love to nourish your soul and your soul perceives this. In the light of this inner perception you obtain the faith to move on in your life in an entirely different manner than if you were relying upon mere belief. Faith springs from true knowledge, and acts that derive from such true knowledge carry a power that is of an entirely different nature than acts which flow from mere belief.

God always responds to acts of faith, and he does so in accordance with the degree of faith exercised. It is also a law that God responds to faith in such a manner so as to increase and strengthen it, for faith is precious in our father's eyes, and he would not waste it, ever. Our father responds to acts of belief as well, but as belief is not founded upon truth, it will be difficult for a person to accurately perceive our father's response to such acts. But whatever the response, it will be aimed at increasing the awareness. This is a constant law of our father, regardless of the level an individual is acting from.

It often appears difficult to separate out those things which you merely believe in, and that which you have ultimately faith in. I will say that those things which ultimately go to supporting your faith are only those things which nourish and develop the soul, and these come only from our father. All else is mere belief, and I would use myself here as an example. You do not yet know all that is the nature of a divine spirit, and you can only have a belief as to my ultimate nature and state of existence. But these things I tell you are of God's very nature. They are the truth and they will develop your soul and sustain your faith. Regardless of your belief in the nature of my being, your soul can perceive the truth of what I say, and it is this that develops your faith. Your mere belief in my existence will not further the development of your soul, and such belief can never become actual faith. Faith pertains only to that which is personal between you and our father.

All else is mere belief.

Rest in God's love for you, Robert