An Angel's Face

I wrote the following poem following the death of my cousin's 14 month old child. She was named by her 6 year old bother and he named her Angel Nicole. She died in an accidental choking. Everyone in our family has a broken heart, but we take refuge in knowing that there is a God and a heaven. Thank You! Ronda B.

An Angel's Face

We have all seen an Angel's face,
here on earth.
a sweet innocent baby girl
who'll never know what she was worth.

So tiny and perfect,
she was a miracle from above.
I thank God for the time we had
to hold her and to love.

When a little child is taken from us,
we question God's will.
because our broken hearts,
for how will they ever fill?

A son, her brother, gave her a unique name
that now rings so true,
I guess God knew he needed an angel
to teach and give us a clue.

The memory of her smiles and her love
we will hold so precious and so dear...
because one day she will lead us home,
and again we will hold her near.

Just remember, when you look into the heavens
and see a star shining bright,
It's the touch of Angel's Face
that befalls this beautiful sight.