"Realm of Divine Protection"

I was about 8 years old, (about 23 years ago), and, sister, my mom and me were visiting my grandma in Cocoa Beach, FL.

My grandmother lived at a condo on the beach. It was a nice, sunny day, however, there were rip currents at the beach that day. My sister, who is almost 9 years older than me, had found a friend to swim with that day. I was so jealous my sister was able to still swim, and I was forbidden. I remember my mom saying, "Golden, don't you dare go anywhere near that water, you are not a strong enough swimmer." "Oh yeah?" I thought.

Well, I some how found my way to the water without my mom knowing. I remember I was suddenly pulled by the current and the waves. I couldn't keep my head above the water. I was totally defenseless. My mom was right; I wasn't strong enough to fight the current. Little was my understanding at the time that my sister was only allowed to go knee deep. I think my mom was wise to try and keep me out completely, as I was a pretty precocious child.

Anyway, I was drowning, and I remember telling myself to stop fighting. I was sucking in a lot of water, and every time I got to the surface, the current just brought me back down again. The amazing thing is...I wasn't scared. I felt such peace. I remember just letting go. I think I had an outer-body experience because I can still remember what I looked like giving up. I remember looking so peaceful and content, letting the bubbles float out of my mouth for one more exhale. This is interesting to me now because, while I am a Christian, and believe in heaven, since I had my son 14 months ago, I am terrified of death.

Back to the story. The next thing I remember is being carried out of the water so valiantly by a man, an Adonis if you will. He looked like the quintessential "beach bum". He had white, blond hair to his shoulders, I have to admit, an amazing chiseled body, piercing blue eyes, and why I call him a, "beach bum", and he was sporting extremely frayed, cut-off jean shorts. The "real" kind. I mentioned earlier that I must have had an outer-body experience because I remember everything I am describing to you, but how could I if I was unconscious? I know I was unconsciousness because I can see my lifeless body in his arms as he was lifting me out of the water. He began administering CPR. I began coughing, and the next thing I remember was my mom hysterical, asking if I was OK. I sat up, looked for the man who saved my life, but he was gone. I just remember him smiling at me before my mom got there. He just smiled as if to say, "You're OK." Then he got up, and left. I remember him walking away, yet no one remembers seeing him.

It wasn't until several years later that I actually remembered this incident. I was about 16 and my friend was caught in a rip current on her boogie board at Newport Beach, CA, I am from Riverside. I had to get on the board with her and show her how to catch waves, to bring her back in. I remember lying on the beach, after we came back in, listening to Bob Marley on the boom box we brought, and a flood of memories from that day came rushing into my head.

Later that evening, I recalled that day at the beach at Cocoa Beach, FL with my mom. I asked her if she remembered a man I described to you all earlier, and she did not. This was odd to my mom because she didn't remember much about that day. She thought this was weird because she was a very protective mom. Why didn't we ever talk about what happened? Why didn't I get in trouble? Why wasn't it one of those stories a family talks about at Thanksgiving or Christmas gatherings?

An angel saved me that day. And, I know I have encountered them a few times since. In fact, just recently.

God Bless You All, he has blessed me,

Golden LeBlanc