It was December 2005 and I was 19 years old. I was just returning from a visit from Germany. I wanted to visit my Grandmother which was not doing too well at the time.

As I left the airport in Frankfurt, I said a little prayer with my Grandmother that God would watch out for me and keep me safe. I was not really a Christian, but my Granny was a strict catholic. I always said that I would change my life one day and follow Jesus. The flight was long, but after a 9 hour flight I made it to Chicago. From there I was suppose to take a flight to Winnipeg, Manitoba, were I live. I was hoping that my flight would not be delayed too much since there was a very bad snowstorm outside. I was watching the board as the flight was showing "DELAYED" several times.

All of a sudden there was a Lady sitting across from me. She had white hair and was dressed in a gray dress. I did not hear her nor did I see her coming. She asked me where I was going so I told her. She said that she was also going to Winnipeg, so we both watched the board. After about the 6th time, it said what I was afraid of. "CANCELED"!!! I was so scared. I had no money and also no Credit Card that I could pay with. Where was I suppose to stay? Where was I suppose to sleep? What was I suppose to eat? I had no idea what to do or where to go. For the first time in my life I felt alone. Really ALONE.

The old Lady said that I should come with her and that we will go and reschedule our flight. I have never done that before, so I went with her and trusted her. We got our flight rescheduled and then she said that we should get a Hotel room. I told her that I had no money and that I would have to stay at the airport. She smiled and said to me that she would not let a young girl like me stay all alone at the airport. So I followed her. She paid for my room, my food and for the phone calls that I was making.

Once we got to the airport in Winnipeg I wanted her to come with me so that my father could give her at least some money, so that I wouldn't feel too bad. I saw my dad and ran towards him. When I asked my father if he could pay that Lady that was helping me, he said that I was standing there by myself. I told him that he should stop joking because I know that I was not going crazy. But my two brothers were there as well and they also confirmed that I was by my self.

The only thing that I knew about this Lady was that her name was Abigail and I know for sure that she was an Angel. Because I prayed before I left the airport in Germany. That same day I totally dedicated my life to Jesus and one year later got baptized. God is good and he will never forsake us!!!