Saved Alsatian

About five years ago when I was sixteen years old I decided to take my parents Alsatian dog out for a walk on a field opposite our house for the first time. I wasn't allowed before because she is really strong and always tries to break free from the lead. Anyway I promised them I would be careful and to put her lead on properly. As we got to the bottom of the field she somehow broke free and she had got her collar off. I panicked and tried to put her collar back on but she ran away and stayed about 10 yards away from, I was really scared because this had happened once before when my mother had taken her out for a walk and the dog had run out into the road and nearly got knocked over.

Eventually, after about 40 minutes of running after her and screaming at her to stop, she ran onto a bridge which was right next to a very busy main road (I was nearly having a heart attack at this time). As she was running around trying to get away from me, I saw a young boy who looked about ten years old waiting at a bus stop. He looked quite worried because I was screaming at my dog to stay where she was.

I was really panicking and I didn't know what else to do so I looked at the boy and said "please help me, I need to put this collar on her and she won't stay still", he didn't say anything, he just walked down and stood behind the dog so she was trapped in the middle of us.

She got really angry and started barking at the boy, I really thought he was going to run off because she was really frightening, but he didn't, he just stood where he was and didn't move. I went to put the collar around her neck and a few seconds later when I looked up to thank him, he was gone, just vanished.

I have believed in angels ever since and I am really grateful that he helped me, because if he didn't, my dog would probably have ran out into the road and got herself killed.

Carla Michelle Cunningham