A Voice

It was a beautiful spring day. My daughter had my first grandchild who was now about 4 months old. We decided to take a trip to my home town to see my mom. My dad had died a few months ago. He hadn't got to see my granddaughter.

I was driving. My daughter fell asleep in the front seat and Kayla was asleep in her carseat in the back. The last thing I remember was looking up at the pretty blue sky with those white puffy clouds. They reminded me of angels. The next thing I knew I thought I was in my bed and I was pulling the covers over my shoulder. It was then that I heard a voice call my name. I didn't want to wake up. So the next time the voice was louder and told me to wake up because I was driving a car. I woke up and realized my hands were not on the steering wheel. However the car was going straight down the turnpike as if someone else had their hands on the wheel.

I looked over at my daughter and she was still asleep. Imagine if all three of us would have crashed that day. Thank you angel for saving our lives.