Strange Encounter

I believe I had an encounter with an angel about two years ago. It happened so quickly. I would really never understand whether it was real or not. I will let you be the judge. But I did see a Angel.

At the time this occured, it was like something had taken over me, spiritually. I was grabbing my Bible that had a special verse in it that I felt the lord specially wanted me to see. I laid the Bible out on my car and collected scented flowers, my perfume bottle and candles. I sprinkled some oil, petals and then with my garden hose wet everything down including the Bible.

(During this time I was aware of my neighbors watching me but I didn't care, it didn't matter)

I finally I was inspired to find something to write with so from my purse I found a silver eyeliner pencil. With that I then drew an eye on my car. (Not understanding what any of this was for)

It was just getting dark and my partner was walking up the drive looking very surprised at this scene, and then told me to take everything inside. Well I didn't but instead acted like I was slowly going to gather the things from the top of my car.

It was then I saw a figure of a Angle drop down from the sky. It appeared as if it made a gesture like it were picking up something from the items on my car roof. Jesus.... It all happened in 2 seconds.

I would describe it as elegant, bright, and very fast. Very beautiful it was very peaceful feeling and It gave me the impression that it was doing the lord's work. The way it took off back to the sky. Very luminous, with maybe a bit of silver as well. If that was an encounter with an Angel I am glad it happened to me because it gives me hope that there is beauty out there when your world can get a little dark here on earth. I just thank the Lord Jesus, as I believe it was one of his Angels doing his work on earth to help me.