OUR Lady of Pinar in Mijas Spain

This year I visited the Shrine in the little village of Mijas, Spain. The whole cavern was full with people in prayer to Our lady of Pinar. I found a place to kneel and while I was praying the only way I can describe it was that I was cocooned in a warmth and light. It felt amazing but I opened my eyes to see if everyone else was experiencing this amazing experience, and there was no one there. I had not felt anyone move from around me, I found my friend by this time. I was very shocked that I could have experienced anything so wondrous and I was in tears. It was later that I found out that I had been there ten minutes when I thought it had been seconds.

All I know is that I felt that everything I had been brought up to believe in was the truth, and I know that all my prayers are listened to.

This Christmas is going to be very special this year when I bow down in worship to celebrate the birth of our lord.