Christmas of 1997 was as usual as always, until one day I recieved a gift in the office one day. I didn't know who gave me the gift, it just said from a "friend."

I also got a present that year called "Nasco's frog Hatchery kit" from my parents. The strange gift that I got in the mail was called "The Psychic Circle." It was kinda like the Oujia board, but I heard it wasn't supposed to be evil. However, I still was afraid of it. I didn't know why I got it.

The day after Xmas, I sent in my coupon for my frogs. Ever since my dog died, I always wanted a new pet. When I did recieve these tiny, tadpoles in the mail one day, a little white tadpole was present!

It was very rare to find an albino frog. I raised the tadpoles til they became frogs. I named the albino frog Snowflake. I gave away 2 frogs out of 4, but the other frog I kept was a blackish one that I named Ninja. Ninja and Snowflake were African Clawed Frogs. One day, when I moved my frogs to a new tank, they escaped for some strange reason. I cried for days. It took me a few months to get over it. I knew I wanted to keep raising frogs, so I got new clawed frogs. There names are Claire, Clawde, Fudge, and Skippy. I still have them today.

After several months, I did play with the "Psychic Circle." I asked who was contacting me through it. Miraculously, it spelled out my frogs names!!!!!!!!!!!! My 2 beloved frogs told me that they had become Archangels to assist Saint Michael. They also replaced my previous gaurdian angel. I was a very religious person for a 12 yr old, and I sure as hell believed this. Saint Snowflake and Saint Ninja told me that there was once a curse on the reptiles and the amphibians. I had broke the curse that Satan put on them at the beginning of time. They said all animals have souls, but only the Chosen Souled animals could enter heaven and they have the same emotions as humans do(same intelligence).

It was a mortal sin to kill a chosen souled animal. They told me that due to my holiness, I would also be watched by 2 priest animals. Father Lazarus the Anaconda (one of the original snakes) and Father Raemus, a Utahraptor.

I have recieved the psychic ability to visualize my 4 gaurdians. I can see them where they go, or what they do. They told me that Satan killed Snowflake and Ninja because of my holiness(tried to ruin my family). Satan also killed my friend's clawed frog "Frogger," and he also became an archangel also.

My spiritual status is 9.5 merits out of 10 merits. If I get all 10, I'll be a Saint. My friend has 9.3 merits. You can only get priests to watch you if you have 9 merits or more. They told me that heaven is more imaginable then once thought. There are gardens, lakes, beaches, tasty food, forests, and much, much more for you instored when you go to heaven. My gaurdians said that my friend and I are one of the most special humans on the planet, and we may become saints when we leave the earth.

Satan has tried many times to ruin our lives, but the power of God has always helped me. I've recieved special healing, strength, and more special psychic powers that will increase over time..... Snowflake and Ninja have told me more, but if you have an open mind, anything is possible.....


The second part of my wonderful, yet still on going encounter

My 4 wonderful gaurdians, Father Lazarus(anaconda), Father Raemus(Utahraptor), Snowflake and Ninja (the 2 frog angels) tell me more and more about heaven and ways to be a better person.

They will appear someday, but not at the present (I'll notify you if they do). Satan has tried to ruin my life. My gaurdians know that he tries to make me feel depressed to where I commit suicide. However, my gaurdians tell me to keep my spirit up, so I do not destroy myself (it will ruin my family life).

My gaurdians know my destiny, but they would like for me to find out for myself when the time comes. They said at the beginning of time, there were several powerful snakes;

Lazarus(anaconda), Conus(cobra), and Manchester(mamba) and his brother(black mamba).

One original rattlesnake, Reynolus, became jealous that the other snakes were more powerful. Reynolus asked the devil to help him get back at God, and that leads to the test humans, Adam and Eve. Lazarus killed Reynolus, which was then named Reclusius for his evil deeds. Lazarus put Reclusius in a vegative soul state (can't think, move, or talk for a chosen soul) in hell. Reclusius is Satan's best friend.

My gaurdians have mentioned that God has made my friend and me are very special humans on this planet. Our job is to help other people to become very holy and to believe more. The more holy you are, you can obtain some psychic abilities. My ability to visualize my gaurdians has increased.

You need a special psychic ability to visualize, ("see") them. My gaurdians heavily gaurd my frogs now, because they said they shall join Snowflake, Ninja, and Frogger in the archangel field. Its a constant good and evil conflicts for me, but I know that religion is the most important thing in my life.