Girl In Old Cemetery

I strongly believe this occurrence has connection with the story, Old Cemetery, submitted by Tammy Hauffman.

Six days ago, Friday, I saved the image of Tammy's photograph of the little girl's resting place at the abandoned cemetery at Farmersville, TX (The little girl was Mattie Stewart, Apr 4, 1878 - Jan 4, 1880). The image is now kept in a folder on my desktop.

On my nightstand, I have spread ascorbic acid powder to ward off roaches from starting colonies and proliferating in my answering machine and the clock radio. Roaches love these gadgets for their home! Just today, I removed the answering machine and had to junk it. It was already malfunctioning electronically. In the place where the answering machine had been, I was stunned to see the face of the girl, Mattie Stewart, on the ascorbic acid powder. Particles of ascorbic acid had configured the face of the little girl on the night stand! Her face looked very similar to her image in Tammy's picture, except her hair on the right side of her face had swept a little further back as to expose her right ear. Her hair covers her right ear in that photograph.

I believe Mattie is now a little messenger in service to the Almighty God.

Except for the fact that I have kept Mattie's photograph in my computer files, I have no other clue about her presence here. It may be that she had visited her image and left her face written on the ascorbic acid powder as a guest's signature of her visit. I shall try to preserve Mattie's signature as best I can. If Tammy Hauffman reads this story and would want to see the signature, she may contact me via email.

Rudy Martin