Quilt From Heaven

My grandmother and I were very close. She was more like a mother to me than my mother. My grandmother died my senior year in high school, 23 years ago.

I was devestated! She was my closest and dearest friend. And she admired me more than she did my brother and sister. No one knows how much I have missed her. Or do they?

Out of the blue, a cousin I hadn't seen in 20 years sent me a package with a beautiful letter. One night she was awakened by my grandmother's spirit. She said she had my face and a quilt on her mind and could not go back to sleep.

Marcia (my cousin) finally got up and got the quilt out of the closet where she had it stored. She said she hadn't looked at it in years. Her mother had given it to her years earlier and she thought it was her mother and dad's wedding quilt. When she looked at it late one night, she realized it was not her mother's wedding quilt but my grandmother's! It was quilted in 1936.

My grandmother spoke to her and said "Give that quilt to my kid".

Marcia did not know how to go about giving it to me. She didn't want to by-pass my mother and hurt her feelings. She didn't want to give it to my mother because she was afraid my mother would give it to my sister (which she probably would have).

A few days later, Marcia's sister called her and told her I was undergoing cancer treatment in Tulsa, Ok. Marcia said she then knew why she was suppose to give me the quilt.

She called my mother and asked her if she could send it to me and explained about how my grandmother had spoken to her and told her to do so. My mother told her YES, to send it to me.

Marcia asked my mother not to tell me it was coming. What a suprise it was when I received it!

Marcia said Grandma wanted me to use the quilt, wrap it around me and know that her and my deceased grandfather loved me very much, and to use the quilt to obliverate all the nasty ole cancer cells! My very supportive husband said, through tears, that "it's not every day someone receives a quilt from Heaven".

How Marcia received the quilt to begin with is an interesting story. When my grandmother passed away, my great-grandmother went into Grandpa's house and took everything she wanted of my grandmother's. (She, in essence, stole it). My great-aunt (Marcia's mother) had gone into my great-grandmother's house one day and took a few things she wanted (Among them was the quilt). Then my aunt gave it to Marcia; who in turn sent it to me.

If my great-grandmother hadn't taken it, and my great-aunt hadn't taken it, then Marcia wouldn't have had it to send it to me.

So you see, the angels knew all along what God's plan was.

Teresa Henson