One night when I was feeling very low after the sudden death of my brother-in-law at a very young age, I asked for a sign from my guardian angel. I asked them to give me a sign if they were really there. During the night I was woken up by someone saying my name in a loud whisper in my ear.

Then I felt what can only be described as gigantic arms wrapping themselves around my entire body, giving me a hug. Them they lifted me slightly up the bed as if to make me more comfortable; I have a habit of sliding down the bed in the night.

I then felt the arms withdraw. I looked across to the other side of the bed and could see my husband sleeping soundly so I new it couldn't be him. Besides the arms were far to big for any human. Instead of feeling scared I accepted that this was the sign I had asked for. A few days later I asked my angel to help me find an earring that I had lost weeks earlier. To my surprise whilst putting some clothes away I picked up a jumper of the bed and there was my missing earring. There was no way it could have been there since I origianly lost it.

I then asked my angel to show me a white feather, then I would truly accept their existance. The day progressed and I forgot all about the feather, then for some reason I picked up my binoculars and directed them in to the woods at the back of my bungalow, to my amazement my gaze fell upon a solitary white feather blowing in the wind caught on a bramble bush, the feather was not visable without binoculars I am now convinced I have a angel watching over me.