When I was about 16 years old, I was very involved in a youth group at our Church. A group of about six of us used to sing choruses in various places to tell people about God. One day we were in this great big Church Hall, practicing our singing, one playing the piano and a couple of us playing guitars. All of us were really praising God.

All of a sudden we felt this incredible sense of peace and a presence that none of us had ever felt before. Two of us had our eyes drawn to the back wall of the hall. There was this brightness from ceiling to floor and an outline which I can only describe as an Angel. Or should I say we knew it was from God because of this incredible presence and extremely bright light, which could not have come from anything earthly. In a moment it was gone, but that presence and peace stayed with us for so long afterwards.

My life has never been the same since then. It is as if I can always feel someone around me. I have come through leaving my home country, cancer, a broken marriage, financial ruin and many other things. Perhaps that was why my friend and I were shown that Angel, to encourage us. She too was widowed at a young age. God sends us His Angels as proof of His Presence and their presence in our daily lives.

We are all truly Blessed.