Winged Horse

When I was a small child, I would spend summers with my Grandparents on the farm. I saw the Horse with wings, my Grandfather showed it to us. He called it a Whittling Colt.

About four of us kids ranging in age from 2 to 10 playing in the front yard and we heard this sound just like a horse naying, not to be confused with the call of a Whipple Will. Grandfatherer told us to look and be quiet. There was a small horse running along the edge of the woods. We thought ok, we have seen a horse before but when this horse jumped the fence it did not hit the ground again, it had wings and it flew over the trees. We just stood there with our mouths open.

People have laughed at us said we were crazy, but to find someone else who has seen this magnificent creature. WOW! Four kids and our Grandfather could not have seen the exact same thing at the same time if it were not for real.

We humans will never know all of the wonderful and beautiful things God has put on this earth.