A Father's Love

My father-in-law gave my husband his old army jacket to use for work, to keep him warm! My husband was a painter in construction. But both my husband and myself thought that the jacket was too good to be used for work as it would get covered with paint. So instead we hung it in a closet and pretty much forgot about it.

But on one particularly cold winter day my husband pulled the jacket out of the closet and wore it to work. That evening, I noticed that my husband was too quiet. It was the one year anniversary of my father-in-law's death. I asked him what was wrong and he replied "I felt my dad today. I was up on a scaffold, three stories up, spraying, when all of a sudden one end of the scaffolding gave way. I slid all the way down, I couldn't grab anything and I knew that I was going to fall. But I didn't fall!

The jacket had hooked on a nail and I dangled in the air until my co-workers could get me down. But I felt my father's hand holding me! That is why he gave me the jacket. He knew that someday it would save my life!"