When my mother died at the age of 82, she had suffered from Alzeimers for quite a few years. The one thing that we could converse about, was about re-incarnation. We both believed in it and we told each other that when one of us passed we would try to communicate with the other to confirm what we thought was true. After my mother's death, my daughter learned that she was pregnant. She told me that if she had a daughter she would name her after my mother, Dora. Now Dora, is not a common name but every once in awhile I would see it in print, hear it said on television or radio, and it finally came to me that it was my mother saying hello.

When my daughter called me to say it was time, I hopped in my truck to go to the hospital. My daughter already knew she was having a girl, so I spoke to my mother in my head and said, "Well mom, your namesake is being born today. Will you be there with us?"

And so my beautiful granddaughter was born. Later, as I held my daughter's hand I asker her if she had felt her Nana there with her. With tears in her eyes she replied, "She was here! A nurse came in to prep me and I saw on her name tag her name was, Dora. I told her that was my late grandmother's name and that I was naming my daughter after her. She told me that she had also been named after her own grandmother."

I started to cry with happiness! I knew that my mother had been with us! And to this day, occasionally, I see her name or hear it, and I always say "Hi Mom".

G. P