Billy Boy

My brother was quite ill for awhile. He passed away in 2003. He had terminal heart failure, and he was due for a heart transplant. They thought they had one, the doctors I mean. So they proceeded to get him ready for the transplant. They shaved all the hair off his chest and wheeled him to the elevator.

I said my goodbyes and called him sugar and called him "slick". He just looked at me and laughed. In just a short time though they brought him right; the heart they had wasn't the right match.

He stayed in the hospital for a few more days and then he passed away. After the funeral I was sitting at my mother's house when she looked over at me and ask me what I had on my check? "Nothing I said". But there to the touch was sugar on my check. I believe Billy Boy was just letting me know he was ok and was happy to be pulling pranks on his sister again.

In my brothers name is Billy Jo Kennedy