My Angel

by Nita Vincent (Here is my poem about my 25 year old daughter lost to cancer)
I have an angel on my shoulder.
She whispers in my ear.
Her voice is soft and gentle
And no one else can hear.
When I'm tired and lonely
It's comfort that she brings.
When I'm filled with happiness
I hear her laughter ring.
My Angel's very close to me
I even know her name.
And though I cannot see her 
I love her just the same.
She now has no more suffering
And gone is all her pain.
I believe with all my heart
We'll someday meet again.
An Angel's job is taxing
It's as hard as it can be.
I hope she doesn't get too tired
Looking after me.
Yes, my Angel's with me 
From morning til the night.
I know as long as she is here
Everything will be alright.
So when my days are over
I'll not pass in fear.
I know my Angel's waiting
to lead me home up there.

December 1995