Time of Trouble

I was sleeping with my infant boy next to me. I am a single mother and often felt lonely, overwhelmed, and worried. This night, I was really bad off. I had been so tired during the day no sleep for days and no one to help me with the baby. I had tripped and fallen that morning while holding the baby and we both fell down. I was crying and so sure I had hurt him. I prayed and prayed please God heal my baby over and over again, for hours. I couldn't find any bump on his head, though I knew he had been on the floor and crying.

My day ended and finally we both fell asleep, even though I wanted to stay awake and listen for his breathing, I just couldn't and fell asleep. I woke in the middle of the night. There was someone looking at me. This wasn't possible, as I live alone. The face was of a little child, but had wisps of golden light emanating out from its face, glowing, lit up as though from within. Without words I was told that everything was allright for my little boy was being protected and watched over.

I rubbed my eyes, thinking "I am just dreaming this". But the little beautiful face continued to look down at us, and I felt the most indescribable feeling of peace, love was coming from this angel and I knew it was from God. I thank God for giving me this in my time of trouble. I did not deserve it. But my little baby did.