Others In Need

I was born on October 2, the Feast of Guardian Angels. I have had several angel experiences and I do not doubt that I have been helped or protected more times than I will ever know. On one occasion an oncoming car sped around a curve on a narrow road and was half way or mostly in my lane - we were so close (about 50 yards?) that there was no way we could have avoided a head on colision.

The next thing that I remember was looking in my rear view mirror and seeing the car about a hundred yards down the road! Another time I 'spun out' on an icy road and slammed backwards into a hard-packed snowbank at between 35 and 40 miles per hour - there should have been serious damage to the car and myself but there was absolutely no damage and the amazing thing is that the car had only made a about one-foot deep dent in the snowbank - that means that it had stopped in one foot from a speed of 35-40 mph!

Perhaps the m! ost 'exciting' experience of all was when my 17-year old cat shattered her femur (thigh bone); because the bone was broken in several places and because she had severe osteoporosis, the veterinarian told me that there was little hope for recovery. I was very sad and was lying on a couch in the sunroom trying to decide whether to have her put to sleep to end her suffering. For some reason I turned my head and saw a beautiful smiling young woman angel (wings and all) at the door behind me. I don't know how long I looked at her (it could have been seconds or a couple of minutes) but I knew that my cat would be all right - the veterinarian set the fracture with pins, screws and plates, and to everyone's amazement, it healed perfectly (she lived another year and died of kidney failure).

I hope that you find this encouraging but remember that you can ask your Angels for help, but you should not pray to them every night !

I thank God for His Holy Angels and my Guardian Angels, and ask Him for permission to send Them to others who may be in need.